Friday, October 2, 2009

Fridays observations: Salisbury Street and Manchester Street

Salisbury Street


AWE496 burgundy umbrella

EAJ558 Bam Bam the Whiteware Man

XJ3435 sunscreen out on the dash, first day this week that it’s been needed

RO3982 a pile of woolens on the seats and several folded chamois cloths for keeping the windscreen clear

009236 A MacDonalds drive through VIP, there are pink pyjamas on the back seat

ZT6434 cut off jean shorts

RK8981 the rear seat arm rest is folded down, did the kids need separating this morning?

CDN252 several Burger King drink cups

WR1543 neatly bundled bag of rubbish

CKK282 some pieces of plastic film have been stuck on the driver’ s side window, they are not stuck properly and full of air bubbles…this must make it quite hard to see when it’s raining.

ZM4676 AA member, steering lock sitting in the back seat instead of attached to the steering wheel

XA7366 Jacket, umbrella and big ledger book that looks well used

EWE583 two booster seats for different aged children

EFW667 tissues on the dash in easy reach, a software cd and sketchbook on the back seat

CMP957 someone has been wiping the condensation off the windscreen with their bare hand, it is all smeary. There is a nonstick mat on the das with an air freshener lozenge stuck on it…hmmn, practical but not beautiful

DSY944 silver saloon with aesthetically co-ordinated stainless steel thermos cup

ELC44Ø running shoes biffed in the back

CLY762 the owner of the car is inside and doesn’t like me looking

NX5692 dishevelled but basically tidy

APN234 this one has recently hosted a major cat convention on the bonnet

BRU956 snazzy document valet with fushia pink cover

CET3Ø8 silver sun screen ready but not being used

Manchester Street

BCU8Ø2 red, red accessories

EGE997 uses Tony’s Tyre service

YH7112 pretty grubby, not cluttered but could use a vacuum and clean has a much more interesting sunscreen with an ocean view (dreaming of sailing off over the horizon?)

EJF56 a members of Contours Gym, pink sticker that says “ Go Girl!”

APH844 coordinated accessories in tasteful shades of blue, a shawl and classy midnight blue umbrella

CQC343 another Tony’s customer with quite a few receipts in the passenger side, your accountant might not completely approve of your filing system

BWH966 silver

GOBLIN has an interesting sticker in Cyrillic text with a big red heart and a picture of a camel

CJT343 a copy of Realtor Magazine, tartan rug and a large number of green reusable shopping bags

BGW9ØØ someone is ready for working outside; tool box, overalls and sunhats. They also live with cats and park under a tree.


JG5862 a lumbar support pillow and a box of tissues that someone has sat on, squashed completely flat

CSN339 canned ingredients for a berry pudding of some kind…mmmmm

DSH818 expensive mobile home, a deluxe model with a very beautiful sea kayak on the roof

ATF392 there is a tiger decal on the window, it’s a nice graphic but someone has stuck it on upside down

ZT69Ø7 a couple of quality lightweight mountain bikes folded in a space that only just fits them- looks like it is a well practiced maneuver.

DNJ36Ø Cooler bags and used promotional posters- that still have blu-tak on them. There is an odd little powdery sachet on the dash that is leaving a trail of white dust as it scoots back and forth when the car corners. It’s obviously there on purpose…what is it for? air fresh?

ESS4Ø1 silver people mover

EZL78Ø silver hatchback containing two hot looking passengers

RR714Ø mismatched speaker set and lots of faded unreadable stickers on back window, more stickers on the side windows that are all about skiing. The car needs rust work on the wheel arches.

AHW224 the kid who sits in the back likes fruity drinks

EHA41Ø the entire rear bumper is missing on this car, the effect is like a beautiful woman with a big loogey in her nose

JN7818 Black handbag and vinyl jacket, novel biffed in the back

ULSØ95 child’s dress-up costume hanging in a dry cleaning bag

CTY69 very clean

AQF796 listens to MoreFM, small bottle of high performance oil in the back

CUQ316 expensive car that needs a wash

AGJ792 Japanese import, still has Japanese Dealer stickers on it

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursdays Observations: Montreal Street

DU2886    post it notes on the dashboard, bit forgetful aye?

CNF511   flash people mover with curtains and a neatly stowed raincoat

BTP163   MacDonald’s receipts and a pile of mail


PH7395   scrappy little workhorse of a van, quite beaten up. There have been recent efforts to touch it up with what looks like house paint. Groovy little aeroplane toy on the dash

DNW216   go faster red, still has dealer sticker on the window

EYF737    has the most high tech steering lock I’ve seen yet, it’s like a piece of wonderful bondage sculpture, yellow and black

NT5327   chocolate wrappers and tie-downs

XM15Ø5   that’s a bit casual, the door is hanging open

CSB418    looks like a serious boy toy from the outside, but it also has a child booster seat

AKT217   bag of bags keen recycler

ASU743   Wylie Coyote seat covers and a little silver flask hanging on the mirror

EGG182   a Beast of a Ford Truck, sexy

AWJ349    silver saloon

DAN428   goofy yellow toy on the mirror

ZQ348Ø   courier van

WH788Ø   workingman’s truck

DQF518    clean and dull

CPL717    muddy cat prints and papers in foot well

AHF77Ø   NW shopping bag and black silky cardigan

TJ6688    just one small spiral bound notebook, a personality free zone

AE5698    A half finished boy toy car, it has a gorgeous high-tech purple lustre paint, a quality speaker kit, extra gauges on the dash in a fetching electric blue...when the trim on the door is fixed this will be a serious chick magnet

ZM8523   maps and yellow pages

ADW515   funny little blue and white knitted hat with a long plaited topknot

RP3366    Oh this guy(?) is a heavy metal fan for sure; Satanist graphics between fuck-off speakers

BTR2ØØ   a shopping basket of a car


XD8692   dried flowers and a little paper toy stuck in the fan vents on the dash, lots of receipts and papers

YT84Ø4   Baby blanket and teething toy in the back

BPD213   a big sticker that says: “Work Sucks Go Surfing” ...fair enough!

2998XØ9   expensive leather interior, a European import that smells like serious $$

AGK737    there are one or two clues that we have a sci-fi geek here: 5 dvds on the back seat, empty ‘V’ bottles and two Asimov novels on passenger seat.

ALD51Ø   there are so many things dangling from the rear vision mirror Im amazed they can see to drive: miniature boxing gloves, a rosary or two and a little angel

YK2831   silver saloon

FBM679    empty

CFR689   discarded learner plates (are you sure you are ready?)

XE8638    a cowardly lion toy and a big no smoking sticker on the dash

CWB910   seat covers that remind me of ‘70’s wallpaper, and not in a good way

PF9648    peeling red paint

YX3623   no-nonsense work wagon with knobbly tyres, farm use for sure

XX3992   silver saloon

WZ3265   a family of stuffed toy animals lined up on the dash, too cute.

BNZ339   the graphics look like the Nike Swoosh...but blue instead of red, who thought that was a good idea?

EKK185   low slung double cab with deluxe trim inside and out. The effect only slightly spoilt by the rubbish bin in the back

NJ6670   enigmatic black nylon pouches, what are they for?

DAQ577   super fluffy seat covers

PB6144    this is someone who works outdoors, maybe on a roading crew: high-viz vest, a warm polar-fleece jacket that is quite muddy (also has super fluffy seat covers)

TM51Ø1    Im wondering if these last three people all go shopping for car accessories together, these people also have fluffy seat covers in a startling shade of Magenta


UW8Ø7Ø   can the large number of stains on the front seat be attributed to regularly trying to drive with a
cup of coffee in hand?


DGM784   very dusty big diesel workhorse

DWP83Ø   empty except for the kids booster seat

DFU432    stylish metallic bronze with dark tinted windows that I can’t see through, nosiness foiled.

ND7178   promotional umbrella in the back

CJG133   people mover complete with box of tissues

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wednesdays observations: Otley street, Rolleston Ave, Worcester Boulevard

Otley Street

EMT79 puffer jacket, yeah it is a bit chilly today

RY2324 unnaturally clean

AFT414 two pairs of sunglasses and a stack of re-usuable bags. Also Guano –that stuff actually etches the paint if you don’t clean it off quickly (or is that an urban myth?)

TG6Ø21 sunscreen and an eraser...the eraser is unusual kit for a car, do you often need to revise your notes while driving? Or is this the car of someone who sketches?

EBN181 tasteful tartan umbrella and a set of non slip mats, here is a person always prepared for too much water above and below.

DUY332 there is a Sponge Bob Square Pants fan in this family

MU998 there is a carburettor and drive chain sitting in the tray, they look like they have been there for a while.

TG4983 food wrappers

EPA529 ‘V’ drinker who stores there shopping receipts in the console, petrol discount vouchers I would think.

XG8536 AA member and sugar addict

AMZ747 the only sign of personality is a red oak leaf decoration hanging on the rear vision mirror

BQU2Ø5 there is an MP3 player plugged in, obviously likes music while they are driving

BHB473 there is LOTS of stuff in the back, obviously likes Diet Coke in industrial quantities

PX9221 petrol can in the back seat, is that for the lawn mower or does the petrol gauge not work properly?

PJ9664 this is a working man’s car; gumboots, tools and rain gear

TM7753 Gym kit complete with used towel

XB9948 passenger foot well is used as a rubbish bin

ASU74Ø soup pan and towel. Interesting combination!


CTY1ØØ Child booster seat

RP8266 child seat, maps and shopping dockets

DZZ674 a copy of “Leaving the World” by Douglas Kennedy with a bookmark halfway through.

DNB931 torn seat covers, serious off-roader with exhaust extension for river crossing

Rolleston Ave

BKB631 child's chair in the boot – not a plastic K Mart one but a well made miniature of a lounge chair. Also a box of toys.



stretched canvas in a big plastic bag in the boot, looks like a commercial print, I can’t see the image but it has a lot of pinks and lavenders. There are also purple floral designs on the seat covers

DSE383 heavy duty people mover -7 seater- clean as a whistle

CUK537 two soft drink cups with straws in the back seat cup holders, someone has taken the kids out for a treat

BWK3Ø2 two child seats, a basinet and a toddler size

DQN333 has crotcheted seat covers on all the seats -9 in all a neatly bundled bag of food rubbish inside- looks like a tour bus of people have gone to the Botanic Gardens

Worcester Boulevard

muddy 4WD with big tidy bins in the back, they listen to The Rock 93.7FM

I JOC I just a tidy kit of maps on the passenger seat

ZZ1178 tartan picnic blanket, lots of food crumbs on the seats but no rubbish

ZY3Ø93 there is a model racing car on the back seat, maybe a Lamborghini, it’s white with go faster red stripes

AJR764 organised people mover, it has a pink toy bag hanging on the back of the passenger seat where the toddler in the booster seat can reach it.

DD7964 silver, big, expensive. Still got that new car smell I bet.

CET193 silver saloon

EHC21Ø another silver saloon

BMJ151 a plumbing contractor with lots of lengths of pipe on the roof rack

YH6336 A double cab with exhaust extension and serious bull-bars

DDQ5Ø silver people mover

DDG88 silver saloon

FBC862 ANOTHER silver people mover

XU74Ø8 antimacassar headrest covers and ribbon decoration, like an extension of the sitting room at home. ..climbing roses or a dried flower arrangement of some sort would not be out of place.

RF6Ø31 a novel by Larsson on the seat and a floral mat in drivers foot well

BRH33Ø a big Griffin’s Biscuit tin and Glade air freshener

WX3637 sports cap and a box of gear

UQ9756 has got a roof rack kitted out to carry Kayaks, has been converted to people still do that?

ALK579 ubiquitous silver saloon

CSF714 this vehicle has four booster seats in it...FOUR! that is just heroic.

DEP743 a battery kit on the back seat and a none too clean hanky

EGG2Ø5 poser 4WD for going shopping in

WJG610 a little white hatchback

JP5183 this is a rarity, a little classic white mini (with a dented front bumper and a few spots of rust, but still a wee beauty). The problem with having classic and unusual cars is that the parking attendants’ also notice them...this one has a parking ticket. None of the MANY silver saloons in this block do, is this a coincidence? I vote anyone who maintains a classic car on the road should get automatic free parking -as long as they are driving that car.

EDF79Ø a commercial cleaners van, obviously hard at work somewhere around here

XG59Ø9 there is a lot of guano marking an otherwise exceptionally beautiful high tech paint finish...deep rich green

DRU205 another poser 4WD, no sign of any recreational or work use

EMA440 an AA member with a disability parking permit

EMA896 Silver people mover AAAAARGH!!!

BMJ225 its a hatchback not a saloon...but it is silver
I give up

Tuesday’s observations: South City Mall carpark

UJI793  this person likes animals, they have a sheep toy dangling from their rear vision mirror and paw print seat covers

ZF8884  a work horse of a wagon, the back is clearly used regularly to haul stuff around. It looks like it has had a load of firewood recently

BAE221  Black glossy paintwork and maroon velour seat covers. There are muddy little cat footprints all over the bonnet.

AWL143  the car of a very practical person; loaded with sacks bags and other potentially useful objects

DYL715  stylish little hatchback with a disability permit

ZQ338ø Big roomy comfortable looking seats, a car for somebody who likes to drive on the open road.

TANA  a whimsical touch in the form of a plastic daffodil tucked into the dash

EYY778  very clean, no rubbish or any personal belongings, just a small bag on the back seat

BP5572  brand new High Definition TV in the boot and a lovely pacific woven bag in the passenger foot-well...perhaps a hedonist?

CEP776  adventure junkies: headlight covers for off-road and jet-ski on the roof-rack, mud spattered from a recent trip. Big 4wd is a bit overkill for a trip to the supermarket...lots of adventure to be had in this carpark. Not.

DAA315  these people can’t have driven far, there are still white blossom petals stuck to the bonnet and roof. I guess they park under a tree at home.

ZL4666  likes the colour burgundy. There are a lot of tissues, papers and old water bottles on every seat except the drivers –I would guess they don’t usually have passengers.

ZI3358  very sunburned trim, the front bumper almost looks sandblasted from miles of driving.

AFS417  is covered in yellow stamen pollen and petals front to back, like a dusty haze of gold over the black paintwork. Also lots of small stones embedded in the tyre tread.

UB4ø1ø  there is a botanical theme developing today, this one has large kowhai petals on it; bright yellow on midnight blue paintwork...nice.

SF34ø9  another family wagon

ESL825  This big low slung van looks like a refugee from ‘Pimp my Ride’ it has a body kit and custom pin-striping.

SK6826  Cat footprints, children’s drawings, a pile of film books on the back seat with a copy of ‘Post production’ on top and a harmonica. I’d like to meet this person.

DMH3ø6  passed it’s AA inspection and got shat on by a couple of birds.

OP7974  needs a clean but looks homely there are papers strewn on the parcel tray

EJC826  contains one box of tissues and a car seat, recently cleaned inside and out.

EQZ252  this car is so new it has no personality at all. It is the first hybrid I have ever seen though.

AZM927  a rumpled pile of clothes in the back seat, I wonder who got changed in the car and why?



BKD268  has a steering lock. It’s very muddy and has interesting looking equipment cases in the back...some kind of agricultural fieldwork?

AMG839  fluffy seat covers, blanket and babyseat combination, looks very cosy

AWE331  Asian Kitsch -probably Korean because there is Hangul text on the seat cushion shaped like a bear. Also has sparkly love heart chimes hanging off the rear vision mirror. Some garden tools in the back.

DNQ497  Another plastic daffodil in the front console –I guess the cancer Society has been collecting recently.

EDJ885  there is a half consumed fruit smoothie and some cloth reusable bags

ELU957  there is a mileage sheet on the passenger seat, business trip obviously

AS75ø5 completely clean and empty

TJ3965 electrical tradesmen stopping at the is smoko time so his boss shouldn’t mind

EF5819  a small yellow elephant toy is sticking its trunk out of the console

BSG514  contains the usual set of things to make a driver more comfortable

RSS681  there is a cushion on the driver’s seat and a scrunchy hair tie on the gearstick. I’m guessing a female driver of short stature with long hair.

XL8277  several parking dockets on the dashboard, obviously been running a few errands around town. There is a very nice woven bag.

ZI9755  another very nice woven shopping bag

DJC382  recent rust work, someone is going to a lot of effort to keep this lovely little Triumph Toledo on the road. Not so many people bother to fix up older cars anymore.

DQC971  unusual green colour. A very organised person with a diary and file box on the back seat.

BTT426  kids smeary finger-marks on the back windows, looks like a messy ice-cream adventure.

RR9953  remains of many outings in every part of the car, not rubbish –just stuff: books toys sandals and water bottles.

DWG5øø  they like MacDonald’s food and the car to smell nice...seems to me it might be difficult to manage both of these things at once

YX4821  an older VW, someone’s workhorse of a car . It’s neat but has torn seat-covers –no time to worry about such things maybe.



  this is third characterless silver saloon in a row. Banality is excellent camouflage.


  there is a huge box of toys in the back of this work truck, is the kid coming to stay for the holidays?

CYM452  has a monkey toy hanging from the rear vision mirror and several suits hanging in the back...a professional man with a sense of humour, or maybe just grandkids.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mondays observations: Madras St to High St

DTN479 people mover, children's drawings on the front seat, they'll be going on the fridge later I bet



EZU864 these people obviously car about keeping their nice new car clean, there are plastic seat protectors, the car is amazingly immaculate.

XE5934 shabby sunburned paintwork but generally tidy inside, a music lover maybe, good sized speakers on the rear dash

BKK714 has at least one child, regulation car seat installed


UH1985 has personalised their car with bright novelty seat covers. There is a coathanger hanging in the back

67YDE a little black step through bike with a broken indicator switch, the damage looks recent

DEU292 this one is a bit unloved, there is missing trim all over the car inside and out; no ashtray, speaker covers, rear fact it looks like it has been methodically stripped for parts. Boot is a different color the seat covers are ruined with foam hanging out...last nights dinner wrappers are on the back seat. Otherwise there is nothing personal in the car whatsoever.

CBP773 looks like it belongs to an organised single person, there is a folded peice of paper on one seat and a pen. Do they like to make lists?

RS36 Ø1 uses their car as a mobile rubbish bin/ handbag. most of the stuff is in the passenger foot-well where the driver obviously chucks it for later. All sorts of things, bottles lollie wrappers coffee cups... and that looks like a pencil case

CKD151 is a very organised and responsible person, they have a tidy bag for rubbish hanging on the gear stick, a water bottle, a set of reusable shopping bags and a set of elastic bungy cords in the back. Love the fire engine red color, go faster red on a station wagon.

CHK88 clean impersonal car with a lot of stone chips on the front, looks like the car does long distances on the road...maybe this person lives a bit out of town.

CTN795 there is a tiny brightly colored childs scooter in the back, suitable for 3-5 years

YN6583 judging from the clothes and used towel in the back someone has been to the gym or the swimming pool today

AHG817 there is nothing personal in this car, but evidence of someone practical; clean rags and milk cartons in the back, a lockbar on the steering wheel

BWB33  Ø food crumbs on passenger seat and a lot of maps. There is a beautiful very new skateboard on the rear dash and a pair of aviator sunglasses. The board is the kind you might use for acrobatic maneuvers and stunts but it hasn't been used much yet.

RD4634 there is a towel spread on the back seat, is this because of a leaking window seal or a wet passenger? I think a dog is the most likely reason

Manchester street

YO6458 another impersonal car with practical things in it, there are several heavy duty ratchet tiedowns in the back that look like they have never been used.

LOLIES baby basinet in front and novelty sunscreen stuck on rear passenger window, there is a cuddly blanket and some reusable shopping bags. The car itself is a bit of a boyracer kit out, with snazzy air intakes and an impressive rear spoiler. the mixture of the cosy doemstic debris inside the car and the sleek silver built for speed body suggests someone with young kids who still dreams of a faster life

XT984  Ø completely clean and empty except for a notebook and some sunglasses

EFH162 boring

Gloucester street

DUG61Ø Vitamin supplement on the back seat and map open on passenger seat, glasses and MP3 player, this looks like a corporate travellor's car, maybe a rental.

EQJ534 a big people mover with dark tinted windows the back seats are folded away and there is half a toilet roll on the passenger seat

EUY721 a seat of cookbooks on the rear seat and a big red tin toolbox in the boot. Leaving an expensive toolkit like that in sight is going to be a temptation for someone.

EUM534 childseat and blanket combination and a brown paperbag lunch

BEG996 Used towel on back seat and a box of muesli bars. There are big bull bars on the front and extra spotlights for off-roading or night shooting, could be an outdoors person who likes hunting and fishing or just a serious poser.

EPW421 another tidy car, practical items like a box of tissues and a neatly folded windscreen sun shade. On the back seat is an instrument case of some kind, long and thin...a flute? intriguing.

CGQ526 big van with blacked out windows, not much in the cab brown bag lunch, floor a bit muddy...the most intriguing thing about this one is a pair of shoes sitting on the footpath looking as if someone has taken them off before getting in the back. There is noone around and the shoes are getting wet in the rain. They dont look as if they have been there for very long.

YY6561 empty clean and impersonal with nothing inside

High Street RZ8  Ø47 Lavender shawl on the floor in the rear foot well and a cd with no case on the seat. The last passenger in the front seat was very tall...the seat is pushed right back as far as it will go.

UJ725 odd mixture of things on the back seat; several spray cans, a pile of wooden coat hangers (the old-fashioned kind that are really good for hanging suits on), some speaker cables and a lot of mail. Looks a bit like someone has just picked up the last lot of stuff from a house they moved out of last week...

APB491 this looks like another commercial travellor's car, expensive black wool coat, open map on passenger seat, leather driving gloves and some takeaway food containers (deli rather than Macdonalds) in the foot-well on the passenger side.

US7499 a van kitted out for the road that has obviously been putting in the miles, carrying an impressive coating of road grime and mud spatter. bed in the back and random personal items strewn around. A hippy special, but more Wellington bohemian chic than Golden Bay tie-dye the curtains are Black and white floral and there is a Hawaiian hula doll stuck to the dash

DJM128 boring and impersonal, especially after that last one.

CLR372 a promising pile of picnic blankets in the back (the practical ones with vinyl on the back so no-one gets a wet behind sitting on the grass). There is a folder of documents on the passenger seat so I guess the picnics will have to wait until the weekend.

UN9282 tidy

AUA148 taking the remote control to get fixed? a broken remote is on the passenger seat, held together with electrical tape. This is the first car I have seen today where the person is obviously doing shopping errands, there is a parcel on the back seat.

BQD186 another eco-conscious shopper with a set of reusable cloth bags in the boot ready
and waiting

Friday, September 25, 2009

Recreational Bureaucracy

28 September–2 October 2009

Recreational Bureaucracy is a project that calls attention to the invisible and shifting line that separates 'public' from 'private' by collecting data from individuals' vehicles parked in public inner city parking zones and republishing it anonymously. Car owners often regard their cars as an extension of their private space to the degree of completely forgetting what kinds of information may be gleaned by those who may be observing and recording their movements around the city. In this instance, the 'data' collected is only that which is already in public view, the bureaucrat will be recording car registration numbers, making notes about the condition and contents of the car and taking graphite impressions of the right front tyre tread. This material will then be reproduced and pasted en masse on walls and bollards around the city by Phantom Billstickers. The documentation and the way it is republished is intended to mimic various existing classification and surveillance activities, governmental, commercial, voyeuristic and vigilante.

The main conceptual focus of this work is on the role of the individual in governmental forms of control, as this amateur pencil pusher takes on a pseudo-authoritative position illegitimately. The action also confronts the behaviour of commercial data harvesters and community action groups alike, who consistently employ data collection and 'data matching' methods putatively for the benefit of the public. The commercial use of private material is an increasing part of the political and economic landscape that remains largely invisible, and the bureaucrat's technique of collection also imitates the methodologies of surveillance most often associated with governmental control. However an important facet of this project will be how the Christchurch community reacts to the presence of this 'amateur bureaucrat'.

Versions of this work have been performed in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Wasserberg, Germany, and in each location the community reaction was different. In Sarajevo security officials accosted the artist for not having the correct authority, with her activities apparently perceived as subversive, threatening or potentially dangerous. However, in Wasserberg civil authorities predominantly ignored the bureaucrat and it was the individual car owners who were defensive of their personal property being documented by a stranger. The revelation of how this specific community deals with unknown threats and bureaucratic imposition of Recreational Bureaucracy will illuminate the relationship between control systems, social agreement and community.

By adopting specific methodologies of data collection and classification every day over a one week period in Christchurch, amateur bureaucrat will continue their ongoing investigation into urban control systems and how this occurs as social collaboration in public spaces. The forensic findings will also be broadcast through a dedicated website for this project, causing the project to slide interstitially between accepted forms of behaviour and security roles, exaggerating and subverting modes of surveillance and data classification. The web address for the project is and the site will go live on 2 October 2009. Please also check The Physics Room website for updates.

Recreational Bureaucracy is being aided and abetted by Phantom Billstickers and Physics Room.